Digital Edge Marketing

Variable Data & Image

Adding the personal touch of variable information can be the most attention getting aspect you can add to your mail piece. From something as simple putting their name out in a letter to draw their attention to key points, to as fancy as writing their name in the clouds. We have the tools to catch your customers attention in that critical half second scan. There are limitless options for what you can do with Variable Data, it really is limitied only by what you can imagine.


Variable Text

We are all used to seeing the customized heading at the top of a letter, but something new in the industry is adding variable data throughout the entire letter! You can place a customer's name in key places to draw their attention or place variable information about the customer. All of this adds to that personal touch making the customer feel unique and important to you.


Variable Chart

One of our more unique tools is our ability to apply variable charts to your mail piece. Whether you want to show a graph of a customer's usage data, or maybe the spending breakdown for the particular charity that they donate to, it has many uses. It is not something that all our customers will benefit from, but for those that need this kind of option, it can be a very powerful resource.


Variable Image

We have two different types of Variable Image options, they are basically the same thing, however just slightly differnt with very different effects.

Variable Text in Image

We have two different programs that allow us to add a super customized level to your mailing images. Using Photoshop or Illustrator files, we can actually change text integrated in the image based off of the database info, essentially allowing your customer to "see their name in lights." It is the most attention getting option that you can add to your mail piece.

If your have our own in-house designers that use Indesign, we can offer you a plugin so that you can design your own images. We also have hundreds of pre-made templates that we can use with your mailing, or if you are looking for something specific, our designers can customize an image just for you.

Variable Image and Style Based on Database

Using your database information, whether supplied or purchased, we can customize the entire look of your postcard. Whether it is Male/Female, membership level, product type, birth month, income bracket, even changing the background or font style to suit specific graphics, it can all be customized.

This option uses the same Indesign plug-in as the variable text in image.